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Amy Fallon

The furthest I have ever rowed before is 25km on a rowing machine, 1/200th of the challenge we are embarking on.

Feeling most at home on a relatively flat river, rowing across an ocean will be a whole new experience but not being one to miss out, I jumped at the chance of taking on this adventure. As with any task of this nature, we will be tested both physically and mentally to the most extreme degree. For me this is a chance to take myself out of my comfort zone and really see what I’m made of.

Stu and I have a great team bond, already shown through encouraging each other during lockdown ergs and training for our respective clubs.

We hope to build on this and bring our own strengths to take on everything we have to learn and be fully prepared for anything the Atlantic has to throw at us.

It is going to be a tough road to the start line but we hope with everyone’s support and generosity we can realise this dream, while raising as much money as possible and making a difference for our chosen charities.

See you in Antigua!

Stu Pearce

I am looking forward to seeing how far I can push myself both mentally and physically and cannot wait to cross the finish line in Antigua in January 2024.

I know there are many hurdles to jump through to even just make the start line but by forming partnerships through sponsorship, I am hoping that they will follow this exciting journey with Amy and I from now until we set off in December 2023.

Having only been rowing for little under two years, and having no racing experience, it might seem crazy to row an ocean – many people have told me so.  However, for me it is quite the opposite; it will be an opportunity of a lifetime, an experience I will never forget and since deciding to row it with Amy, there has not been a day which I have not been excited.

We are currently in talks with some amazing charities which are close to us and really hope to get at least one on board to help raise awareness and fundraise for fantastic causes.
I have only ever competed in one long distance race before, the Plymouth marathon so this will be, by far, the most challenging thing I will have ever done.

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